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The Experience of -8 Degree in Sapa

Maybe in Western countries, -8℃ is a normal thing but in Vietnam it’s extremely rare to have this experience. In this post, I will stage back the trip I have to Sapa – the city in fog.

Hi, I’m Hanoi Insider. Last month, me and my two friends had a trip to Sapa. The trip was planned 2 days before so we didn’t prepare much.
You can go to Sapa by train or bus, even motorbike but it’s kinda dangerous. We chose to go by bus for convenience. ( You can book with this site )

14h00: We departed from Tan Hung Hotel 70 Ngu Hanh Son, expected 14h30 arrive at the cable station.

Unlike most visitor that chose to rent a motorbike or take a taxi to the cable area, we chose to walk on foot to be more active in taking photos. (If you are the one who likes adventuring you can follow this direction)

Our way to Fansipan cable station
Nguyen Chi Thanh road

First of all, we followed some motorbike to highway 4 route, but in the process, we accidentally discovered a new road on Google map and it’s 1km shorter.

sapa road 2
The stairway

From Ngu Hanh Son, we went straight to Fansipan Street then Thac Bac Street, in here, there was a long stairway but covered with pipes and leaves, easily unnoticed. This was the shortcut to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

After an hour’s journey, we have just discovered ourselves and went to the wall area.

15h00: arrived at the cable station. 3℃. Heavy mist.

Maybe because of weather conditions, so quickly bought tickets for the cable in the 10‘ without much effort after walking 3 kilometers.

To get to Fanxipang, you can have 3 options

  1. Take the cable car: 700.000 dong -> Take the train to the peak: 100.000 dong
  2. Take the cable car: 700.000 dong -> Walk 600 steps
  3. Completely self-climbing to the top

Of course, we didn’t want to climb to the top in that weather condition so we chose the second option.
In the cable car, we started to regret going at that day, it’s completely white out there, we couldn’t see anything. After 20’, we came to the cable station on the top, and we still had 600 stair-step to get to the “real” top. You would never feel such a strong wind if you don’t head to the front, the wind can easily blow you away anytime. We took nearly an hour to track 600 steps after 10 times break.

The higher we got to, the harder to breathe and the lower the temperature. When we reached the top of the Fan, the temperature is exactly -8℃ with strong wind and rain (not snow as we expected), as an Asian, you don’t want to feel it, believe me. The plus was that there were only us up there, which is really rare since there was cable car in Fansipan.

17h00: Back from the peak to ticket area.

That moment made us really afraid because of no one down there. Luckily after 5’ a few staffs came back, we were resolved after 20 ‘and also the last route. We 3 almost had to stay overnight

Above is our experience of Fansipan – the roof of the Indochina, these are some small tips we can share to make your trip better:

  1. Choose a date
    You should check the weather forecast before you go, we believe you don’t want to see 4 white walls in Fansipan
  2. Dress warm enough, but not too thick.
    Because of the cold, I wore 7 shirts, including a pretty thick jacket, which made me feel heavy to walk.
  3.  Take water with you.

Don’t think you only need water in hot weather. In cold weather, you will be sweat inside and make dehydrated but don’t realize because the cold.

Sapa 09/01/2018.


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