Where We Begin

12/12/17 Nook Cafe
The first place we started with our project. It was a cozy coffeehouse on a small lane of Huynh Thuc Khang Street.
Nook Cafe is not an easy-to-find coffee shop and space is not too big, only have one floor, just enough for about 30 people. But it’s a very quiet place for anyone want to concentrate on working or maybe just reading some book. We ordered a ginger tea and a hot milk coffee (or in Vietnamese they called nâu nóng). Maybe because there weren’t too many people, my order was taken out very fast, just about 10′. After the first gulp, he told me :” This milk coffee is better than some big shops downtown and even cheaper”. Then we spent that whole evening to discuss about what to do next with our project…

Don’t forget to keep on track with us because, in next parts, we will write more post about more places and people, cultures,… under our view, and things you might want to see in this city.

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