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How to Take a Better Photo on Your Trip

Why can travel bloggers take amazing and attractive photos? How to blend to this guy color?… There is million question about how to take a great photo on your trip. Here are our tips to get the photo of the place you’ve been to that can make every friend of you want to go there.
1. Gears are important but skills are the ruling

This is the first thing you need to understand. There are many famous travel bloggers who only use smartphone for their photos but still get thousands like. That because they know how to use their smartphone effectively. They know how to get a great perspective and get the right app to blend the color they want.  You need to practice and learn about it. And when you have knowledge and skills, good gears will help you maximize your photos quality.

2. Choosing your photo style

You probably don’t know what you want at first. But that’s okay, everyone has problem with that. My tip is try everything until you find out your style that you can take the best photos and of course, you love it.

3. Blend color

This part is kinda hard because it requires you a little knowledge about blend and retouch. An I will explain some basic things you should know.

  • Exposure: easy one, make your photo lighter or darker.
  • Contrast: basically, you put it high, the dark part gets darker, the light part gets lighter and if you put if low, the dark part gets lighter and the light part gets darker.
  • Structure/ clarity: your change the sharpness but technically it changes the contrast but little different.
  • Saturation: choosing your photos can be blind color or colorful like a rainbow.
  • Color overlay: create a light layer of color on your photos, you can use it to make your photos warmer or colder or anything you want.
  • Tift shift: blurring the outside part, better to take abstract photo, really cool effect
  • Vignette: create a white or dark fading border inside your photo

You can also download thousands app with their presets/ filters so you don’t have to worry about how to blend it. But I recommend if you want your own style of photos, you should know some about blending.

4. Ratio, perspective, angle

Don’t think photography is art, and in there are no rules. There are some rules that make your photos easy to look and not ridiculous based on research. And remember to use gridline, it’s a very useful tool.

And I know you don’t want the view that everyone else has taken so try to find the special view. But I mean not the stupid one, don’t climb outside a building to take one picture or something like that.

5. Know when to use humans, landscape only is boring

People make the personality of the photo and also more lively. As you can see, most of travel blogger usually take a photo of them or their partner. Keep in mind that people are the one who tell the story, not the landscape. 

6. Be invisible

You will be surprised how good the natural smiles affect your photos. I always blend in as much as I could, keep the camera close and left the backpack home. Only bring what is essential.

7. Do research on the location

Of course, you need to know the place you are going to and taking the picture. In 2018, tourism develops very fast so your place probably has been shot by hundred people. You have 2 choices: be better or find your own angle. Not only know about the place, you also need to know when to take the shot. When I travel to Bai Dinh, Ninh Binh, most of the peoples take their photos in daylight. But I stay a little late, and get the shot of the Pagoda at night, with light along the hallway and temple,…

8. Practice everyday

You can’t get a great photo on your vacation if it’s the first time you shoot. Practice make perfect.

9. Enjoy yourself

Having the time of your life when you do photography. Don’t travel if you keep in your mind the thing that must take the best photo as you can. Enjoy it, find out the joy in it. And of course, don’t always see everything through your lens. Sometimes, just put it away and enjoy the trip.

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