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8 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Hanoi For Foreigner

Nothing can make your trip better than a good preparation. If you are a new traveler, these are the few tip you should keep in mind when you traveling to Hanoi.
1. A little local language can’t hurt anyone
There are a few things different from traveling to Europe that not many Asian local know English. Even though the youth are now becoming the international citizen very quickly, a strong part of Vietnamese still gets struggles when communicating in English. Apart, know some Vietnamese can keep you from trickery because selling high price to the foreigner is still a problem here.
2. You should find for yourself a good tour guide from a trustable travel agent.
Choosing the destination you wanna go, that’s the job of Google Map and Uber. However, leading you to the gems, it’s the job of the tour guide. Hanoi is not the best place for the scenery but it’s the place contain many cultures, of course, good food too. Exploring the city by yourself will cost lots of time and money.
3. Enjoy the cuisine, you have eaten KFC, Mc Donald many
Something you need to get out of the comfort zone and exploring the world. Isn’t that the reason you came to this country right? One of the best thing when you traveling to Asia, especially Vietnam, that there is million delicious food. I can guarantee you 95% of them are extremely good. And to get yourself from being tricked or going to wrong address with bad, dirty food, remember the 1st and the 2nd.
4. Respect the culture
Like the Vietnamese said: “Nhập gia tùy tục”, it’s mean you have to respect and follow cultures and rules the place you going. This is not your home so you can’t do anything or say freely things that in your country you think it’s okay but it does not match with Vietnamese. Example, you don’t wear something too revealing in the holy place like pagoda, museums, temples,… And just don’t be like Logan Paul (lol). In the country you don’t know the language, you don’t know what can be caused by your action. So, spend time learning about the culture where you going to always prepare a guidebook and here is the best tip, ALWAYS WEARING A SMILE.
5. Can’t rush in Hanoi
Life is an adventure, yeah right, but happiness is the way of the travel, not the destination. Take your time, enjoy the coffee in the small lane, listen to old Vietnamese song from the 80’s, have yourself a ride around Old Quarter,… Do something unplanned and make memory, not motion.
6. You don’t want to be called The Western Backpacker
There are 2 common way when exploring the city that by motorbike and on foot. Lots of backpacks make you kinda difficult to go. So just lets your backpack at the hotel and bring only what’s needed. This will keep you from road thieves too.
7. Buy souvenirs
Supporting the local by buying their souvenirs. It’s the good way to make memories of the place you go. But be careful, remember to buy on souvenir shops, don’t buy from the street seller. They will charge you hundred thousand Dong for some key chains,…
8. Remember the hotline 113
It’s the hotline to Police department. Although Hanoi is a beautiful city with friendly natives and amazing cultures but thieves and scums using unknown-language foreigners to make profit is a big problem with this city. If you get in any trouble, you can call this hotline or go to the nearest Police department to report the problem.


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