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5 Website Types You Need For a Vacation in Vietnam

Wonder how to go, where to eat and what should we do next on your vacation in Vietnam? This is the 5 type of websites just what you looking for to make your trip become better.
1. Transportation

First of all, There are many ways for you to travel around Vietnam, these are the popular websites where you can book your transportation.

  • Bus
    Pros: Suitable for going from province to province without effort. Average price ticket. Easy to book one.
    Cons: If you go a long way it would get really tired.
  • Motorbike
    For rent motorbike:
    Pros: Suitable for taking picture along the way. You can feel the air outside. Best for feeling
    Cons: Really really tired when going a long road. Not safe
  • Train
    Vietnam Railroad
    Pros: Comfortable with many artificial. Faster than go by bus.
    Cons: High price. You hardly feel along the way
  • Airplane
    Best quality, high price Vietnam Airline 
    (Low quality, low price): Vietjet Air
    (Average quality and price): Jetstar
    Pros: Fastest way. Suitable for going a long distance like between North and South Vietnam. Quality services.
    Cons: High price. You are up in the sky all the time so basically what you would see is cloud.

2. Hotel & homestay
Unless you want to live in a tent, this sites will help you find a place to rest.

3. Food

You can’t go to Vietnam and don’t take any of our cuisines. Maybe you know Pho but you need to know where in Hanoi they have the best Pho or wherein Saigon they will serve you the best Hu Tieu. Anh many more of our food you don’t know and this site will help you find out them.

4. Ticket for activities
Vietnam is not only about pagoda, relic and landscape. There are many activities for you to join in like a Music concert, a Sport game, Event, Seminar,… To get know more about the Vietnamese lifestyles and cultures, you can book a ticket here.

5. Review & blogger
You can check the reference on big site like  Trip Advisor  but to get the most truthful information and review you should check the blogger. They will give you the fullest the experience about where have they go, what have they eat and how much money has they spend thought out the trip,… On that, you can prepare for yourself enough information for a perfect vacation.

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